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Hearing aids

Analog, programmable, and digital hearing aids are available from a variety of manufacturers and in all sizes, from behind the ear to completely in the canal. We believe in providing the latest technology with personalized care.

Hearing Assistive Technology

Hearing Assistive Technology includes devices such as amplified telephones, cell phone accessories, television listening systems, alarm clocks, telephone and doorbell ring signalers, flashing smoke alarms, and personal listening systems to assist people to hear or be alerted to environmental signals, with or without hearing aids. We have a demonstration display of a number of these products so that our patients can learn for themselves which devices are most beneficial.


We take pride in all of our patients and we want to make sure you are getting the full content of what you are able to from your hearing instruments. Keeping them maintenanced is very important. We clean and dry any moisture out of them with our special hearing aid dryer every three months. This is a free service to you. 

Swim Molds, Noise Protectors, and Earmolds for Phone Headsets

We offer custom-made swim molds and earmolds for use with telephone headsets in a variety of styles and colors. We also offer custom made, generic hearing protectors and musician's plugs that provide protection while maintaining the fidelity of the music.

Hearing Aid Batteries

We order batteries monthly so that we can offer a terrific selection of hearing aid batteries for high quality hearing aid performance. Choose from a variety of battery sizes, including #10, #13, #312, and #675 which we offer in either packs of 4 or 8. We do offer a Battery Club that will save you some money and time while getting your fresh batteries. (Call our office for details)

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